The Next Big Thing!

I Love Lucy · The Next Big Thing!

We were sexy, you know
We got hair, there and everywhere
Attractive like hell
Playing in our underwear
We got fascist and arrogant girls
From the Northpole, you know

We loved hamburgers, you see
We got a prize for our banality
We went to MacDonald’s
To celebrate our victory
And you know these pricks believed that we
were against the American society, NO!

Hey man, can you deliver that pizza on time next time? Jesus Christ!
Hey man, what the fuck, this pizza is cold man, are you stupid or something?

We loved Lucy, like you, but
Lucy hates everyone
Ten people just came in and
Now they are already gone
And now we are tired of everything
Because we are ready
For the Next Big Thing, yeah!


© 1996 Song and lyrics by Paul Schenk
Protected by Buma Stemra


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