I Love Lucy

1992 - 1996

From 1992 till 1996 I was the singer and contrabass-player of dutch progrock band I Love Lucy. This was one of my most creative and artistically most interesting periods ever, writing the most bizarre lyrics and experimenting with very unusual instruments and rhythms. I believe that the songs that were written and recorded during that period are still interesting, catchy and fascinating enough to be listened to after all those years… To my opinion, they never really age. They keep sounding fresh and timeless.

The story of I Love Lucy began in 1992 when Paul Schenk (acoustic guitar) and Hans Schipperijn (electric guitar) decided to “blow the world away” with Bettie Serveert- and Sonic Youth-imitations. Six months later, they discovered Captain Beefheart and Tom Waits: Paul decided to play the contrabass and bizarre instruments like oil barrels and bamboo-flutes were introduced. In 1994 the second demo was recorded, named Great Rock ‘n’ Roll Hamburger Show. This contained absurdistic songs about pop art, hamburgers, eyeballs and Lucy’s biggest hit: Masturbaby. With this demo I Love Lucy was invited to play at the 1994 Utrecht Popprijs and won the 2nd prize, beating 94 bands. Songs like Eyeball festival and Mr. Technique became Nr.1-hits at the local radiostation: I Love Lucy’s 15 minutes of fame.

From 1995 the band experimented more and more with different types of weird instruments and intrumentalists. This meant that the band was growing in sound but also in the amount of bandmembers: At their peak, I Love Lucy was a band with 6 members: Contrabass, electric guitar, drums, violin, saxophone and Turkish saz. Unfortunately, all musicians with a completely different opinion about music and this unavoidably led to more and more difficulties. The band fell apart and Schenk and Schipperijn decided to get back to their roots: From now on the band continued as a two-man formation again, this time challenged by the exciting idea of writing danceable I Love Lucy songs made with drumcomputers and samples, influenced by acts like Leftfield and Portishead. The dance-song Perfect sausage was now played in the underground dance-scene and I Love Lucy’s new style got the attention of bandmanagers and national radiostations… But the musical differences between Schenk and Schipperijn had become bigger than the band itself: I Love Lucy quit in 1996.

Paul Schenk: Vocals, contrabass, melodica
Hans Schipperijn: Electric guitar, harmonica, concertina
Boris Kellenbenz: Drums, percussion
Haydar Cakal: Saz

17.I am the man with the perfect sausage (live Theater Kikker 9-12-1995)

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