Affiche INFORGINFORG (2019)

An animated short by Paul Schenk.

We are probably the last generation to experience a clear difference between being online and being offline. INFORG embraces the future of being 100% online, a revolution in which the real world is totally absorbed by electronic smog and supermassive black holes.
An avantgarde music film with a story told by music and holes.

Inspired by the extraordinary ideas of professor of philosophy Luciano Floridi.

Duration: 10:42
Story, animation and music by Paul Schenk and I Love Lucy.
Featuring the songs ‘Dreamworld’, ‘A bright sunny day for a 5-inch display’ and ‘The Hole’.


The INFORG project

In 2008, german biochemist Otto Rössler publicly criticized the Large Hadron Collider experiment in Geneva, the experiment of smashing atoms inside the world’s largest and most powerful particle collider.

Ridiculed by his colleagues, Rössler was involved in a failed lawsuit to halt the experiment: He argued that the experiment could plausibly generate dangerous black holes that could bring about the end of the world. According to Rösslers calculations these black holes would grow exponentially and eventually absorb the entire planet.

This spectacular piece of recent history inspired me to make the short animated music film INFORG: A story in which black holes appear as a symbol of uncontrollable advanced technology. I wanted to predict the future of mankind’s ever increasing dependence on smart digital objects, influenced by the predictions made by Luciano Floridi, professor of Philosophy and Ethics of Information, in his book ‘The 4th Revolution’.

In a musical mixture of Rössler’s and Floridi’s extraordinary theories INFORG sings and tells about the ever existing danger of expanding black holes as a result of human’s desire to play God with technology that’s bigger than mankind itself.


International Film Festivals and Awards

  • Award for Best Animation in the pre-selection of the ARFF Film Festival, Paris, France – January 2020
  • Semi Finalist award (category Best Animation) at the ARFF Film Festival, Paris, France – July 2020
  • Official Selection at the Soundscreen Film Festival in Ravenna, Italy – September 2020
  • Official Selection at the Audio Shoot International Music Video & Film Festival in Wexford, Ireland – November 2020
  • Official Selection at the Palma de Mallorca International Films Infest Festival, Palma de Mallorca, Spain – December 2020
  • Official Selection at the Amazing Shorts Film Festival and Movies, Madrid, Spain – December 2020
  • Award for Best Original Soundtrack at the Amazing Shorts Film Festival and Movies, Madrid, Spain – January 2021
  • Official Selection at the Innuendo International Film Festival, Milan, Italy – September 2021


Film screens

Music soundtrack

During the INFORG-project many songs were written and recorded, but only three songs were selected for the film: ‘Dreamworld, ‘The Hole‘ and ‘Five inch display’. 

Most recorded songs of the INFORG-project are collected in The Black Hole recordings, a CD that was published in 2021. Listen to the playlist here: The Black Hole Recordings.

Official trailer


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