The ‘Get Back’ project

Just returned from Italy and ready to launch a new project. The working title of this new project is ‘Get Back’, a funny reference to The Beatles’ Get Back project in 1969 when the band wanted to return to their roots.

I’m also in a mood of wanting to get back to total pureness and getting rid of technical tricks and turning knobs. During the INFORG-project I behaved like a music producer, a studio technician which I’m absolutely not. And the graphical animation style of the film, that is still reminiscent of my past as a graphic novelist, is way too ‘comic’ for me now.

Returning back to the very basics of drawing means getting rid of all the tricks you’ve learned during your life as an artist. In my case it’s the ‘comic’ style approach which I learned during my teenager years and I strongly feel the need now to return to drawing again with pencil, charcoal and washed ink, and ultimately, make a new animation film this way.

My future music will also be created in a much more minimalistic way. And last but not least: Since 1989 all my art, music, drawing and animation, has always been driven by some sort of avant-garde approach, wanting to cross all kinds of borders and being ‘different’.

This time, for the first time in 34 years, I’m convinced that being different is not a matter of being ‘avant-garde’ but just a matter of making good art: Just a good story, or a good song, or a good drawing. I know I can do it. I did it all during my years as a teenager, and I want to ‘get back’ to that pureness again.

Some photos from Italy:

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