Naked in a metropolis song

Bridges, stones, clochards stoned and some without legs
They’re missing the boat, missing throats and missing sex
Faces red in the red light district, only black cats paring with pleasure
Swimming in poisoned canals, diving to ancient treasures

I wish, that I never left my home
I wish, we should never be alone
I cried, above sealevel in a day
I wish, you never faded away

I called my friend today, asked for some genitals
The dogs were hungry so he could give me only balls
I won’t, I can’t, I won’t be free again
I cannot love another even if I’ve slept with ten

Naked, I’m all alone
I’m naked, you were my rock ‘n’ roll
I’m naked, I’m all alone
I’m naked, naked in a metropolis song

Feel my disease, swimming in my tears
Swimming in the canals, smelling like Swiss cheese
Looking for you, homeless and alone
Naked, naked in a metropolis song


© 1993 Song and lyrics by Paul Schenk
Protected by Buma Stemra

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