My lady in the dark

I was married ten years ago during an autumn rain ’85
As proud as Lucifer to have this beautiful wife
Though she was dressed in black, with the character of Joan of Arc
My lady in the dark

When she saw my naked body on our wedding night
She began to tremble and then she turned off the light
She said my body was as shapeless like the body of a shark
My lady in the dark

I fantasize about a lot of women in this bed
Dolly Parton, Marilyn Monroe, Queen Elisabeth
All my sex magazines are safe hidden in the park
For my lady in the dark

Sometimes I think about a Noah
A really horny Noah
Collected all species of women running naked on his ark

But unfortunately there’s just one woman kissing me in the dark
My lady in the dark

Make love to me honey!
You don’t have to see me!


© 1996 Song and lyrics by Paul Schenk
Protected by Buma Stemra

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