I love Lucy

I love Lucy
I need her touch
And she would love me too
If she didn’t hate me so much

Her lips are juicy
Her teeth are strong
She ate my dog
After she’d kissed the frog

I love Lucy
She cut my hair
For her violin
And she didn’t care

She plays violin with my hair
I listen in despair
These high notes will shake off
the rest of my hair

I love Lucy
Laughing at my sorrow
When she kicked me out
of the window

She hung me on a tree
When I kissed her feet
The bough broke
I broke my neck on the street

I sleep with the flies
As I dream of her eyes
I’m so tired
Can’t even dream anymore

I love lucy


© 1994 Song and lyrics by Paul Schenk
Protected by Buma Stemra

Copyright Paul Schenk 2023 - Music protected by Buma/Stemra