Song list new CD

The title of the new CD is “The Black Hole recordings”. There will be 7 songs on it:

  • Dreamworld
  • I love Lucy
  • Our God is a hole
  • Rolling ball 
  • The Hole
  • My Bizarrelle
  • Five inch display

These songs will also appear on Soundcloud, Spotify, YouTube and this website. Most songs are compositions for the film INFORG, except I love Lucy, a re-recorded 1994-song.

My Bizarrelle was originally part 2 of the film INFORG but part 2 was unfortunately deleted from the script.

Our God is a hole was previously recorded with other lyrics and the song title Legs. Then this title was changed into Highly Advanced Technology, then into Our God is a hole.

Rolling ball was previously recorded with other lyrics and two other titles, A4 and In search of Bizarrelle.

Five inch display is a short piano track recorded for INFORG. The title is a line from the song Dreamworld.



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