Certificate ARFF

Today I received a message from the ARFF Film Festival in Paris; INFORG was already rewarded Semi Finalist for this festival in july 2020, when I received a golden laurel, but they did not yet send the e-mail with the possibility of ordering the Official Certificate. Well, they did today, and it looks like they’ve read my biography in which I wrote about “exploring border areas in storytelling”;

Dear Paul,

Around International Film Awards is delighted to announce that your creation is selected as a Semi-Finalist via ARFF INTERNATIONAL 2020 Season.

We cordially congratulate you on your well-deserved success! Your creation has been a true inspiration!

Thank you for doing your best to explore new ways of telling the stories you passionate about as well as creating new history to present the cinema of tomorrow today!

We’d like to inform you that this was the very last step of the festival circuit for your creation and now it’s possible to order your customized Official Certificate.

ARFF Semi Finalist

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