Vegas Movie Awards


Just a nice e-mail I received today:

Hello Paul,

I’m Anna, Programming Director at the Vegas Movie Awards™

In the search for the best projects possible for our prestigious Festival here in Las Vegas, the impressive performance of your project Inforg in the film festival circuit and web/TV networks definitely caught our attention.

Among the participants of these first two years of the Vegas Movie Awards™ we had ACADEMY AWARD-winning actors and directors, GOLDEN GLOBES and BAFTA-winning actors, but most of all, thousands of films made with pure talent. 

We proudly send invitations only to pre-selected filmmakers and screenwriters, one by one, in private. So, please take this offer as a compliment for the work you and your team have done so far.

However, we know very well how frustrating it is to be forced to keep your hard work on hold, waiting for the whole world to get back to normal, and we want to give you a chance to show your audience that your art is alive and kicking, and keep spreading your creativity more than a virus.

I hope we have pleased you with this invitation, Paul.

Have a wonderful day, and stay safe,

Anna Z.

Programming Director

Vegas Movie Awards

Las Vegas, NV 89118


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