Audioshoot message

As earlier mentioned, my film has been selected for the Audio Shoot International Audioshoot Music Video & Film Festival in Wexford, Ireland. But as we all know, Covid-19 changes everything. The festival will be held behind closed doors;

November 17th 15:49
Greetings all. Our Audioshoot event will be taking place on the 21st of November at 9pm, as our original venue is closed to the public, we will be holding the event behind closed doors in accordance with Ireland’s Covid 19 restrictions, but also with the permission and backing of FilmFreeway, the contest platform through which many amazing videos were submitted.

Our judging is coming to an end and we have been blown away by the entries this year. It has made deciding winners incredibly difficult, as the talent on display in front of and behind the camera was nothing short of fantastic. This has been so true, that we have had to introduce a runners up wreath, which will be awarded to those who were pipped at the post.

Remember judging is subjective, and choosing a clear winner in certain categories was next to impossible. We may still be a young festival, but we know that your hard work, your art is not defined by a score, or an award.

Regardless the outcome, keep creating, keep inspiring as there has never been more of a need for your work than now.

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