INFORG Trailer uploaded

Today I uploaded the INFORG trailer (duration: 01:29). It turned out to be a very difficult task to choose parts of the film for a trailer without giving away spoilers. I also didn’t want to use the music soundtrack from the film so I chose the song “A4”, later called “My Bizarrelle (part 1)”, one of  the earliest INFORG-recordings. This song will later appear in full on the music-CD in 2020.

Next job is to post the trailer on Facebook. Haven’t used Facebook for years but now the film is finished I will start my Facebook-Second Life. As a promotion for the film ofcourse, not as a promotion of my private life or to feverishly hunt for likes from ‘friends’. Building a new international network with filmmakers, artists, animators, musicians or fans would be much more interesting, so probably my Facebook messages will all be in the english language.


INFORG – Official trailer from Paul Schenk on Vimeo.

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