Film finally finished!

August 13th I finished my film “INFORG”! I’m very happy with the fantastic result. It’s 10 minutes long, with 2 songs, “Dreamworld” and ” The Hole”.

“INFORG” is my second film, but the weird thing thing is, my first film was made 27 years ago: ” Abraham’s chocoladetaartje”. It won the 2nd prize at a prominent Dutch videofestival with Heiner Holtappels as head of the jury. Holtappels was a leading figure in the Dutch media scene and impressed by my film. He later became director of the NIMK, the Dutch Institute for Media Art. I was very proud but not interested in making more films. For me “Abraham’s chocoladetaartje” was just an experiment in telling a story in music compositions combined with film, just one of many art projects I was busy with around that time.

It’s no coincidence that “INFORG” is also a music film in which music lyrics are for the most part telling the story; I wanted to make a film in exactly the same atmosphere as “Abraham’s chocoladetaartje”.

Although 2 songs made it to the official soundtrack of “INFORG”, 8 songs in total were composed during the INFORG-project. These songs, together with some other compositions, will all appear on a special CD-edition very soon, somewhere at the beginning of 2020.



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