Inforg: The soundtrack

Film soundtrack 2019

Music plays a keyrole in my 10-minute animation film INFORG (2019) in which parts of the story are told by songs and lyrics, not in a typical “musical”-style but more as an experimental music film. During the INFORG-project 7 songs were written but only 2 songs survived, “Dreamworld” and “The Hole”. The rejected songs will soon appear on CD, but also on this website.

The 7 songs were recorded at the Q-Factory studio’s in Amsterdam, The Netherlands. “Dreamworld” originally started as a piano-song but developed into a jazzy uptempo song, carried by contrabass and real drums. Keyboards, guitar, percussion and singing were added later.

“Dreamworld” is a song about paradoxes: “This is my dreamworld in which I like to throw my life away” and “Such a bright sunny day for a 5-inch display”. In the film the song ends with the words “Throw your life away if you want to exist”. Everything is in a reverse reality, which is in fact the “only reality”.

“The Hole” is a song originally composed in 1996 but was never recorded before. It was played on the grand piano in the Q-Factory studio’s with very minimalistic, almost whispered singing in the end.


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